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What is the Difference in a Screening and a Hearing Test?

Do you think you might be having trouble hearing? If that’s the case, you might need to talk to an audiologist who knows about hearing aids. They will be able to check your hearing and give you options for how to treat it. Hearing aids are usually the best choice for treatment after a hearing […]

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Why Should You Have a Hearing Test?

Research shows that when it comes to their health, many adults get their eyes checked regularly, go to the dentist and even visit their doctor, but they don’t check their hearing as often. That’s too bad because while your eyesight can be fixed, the hair cells in your inner ear can never grow back. Hearing […]

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Can the Weather Impact Your Hearing?

Healthy hearing is something that millions of us take for granted, but the truth is that our ears and auditory system are far more delicate than many of us would like to admit. As any audiologist will confirm, both temporary and permanent hearing loss can be attributed to a wide range of causes. The weather […]

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Seeing an Audiologist About Hearing Aid Repairs

Whether you have worn a hearing aid for some time or you are new to the experience, issues tend to arise; these include sound issues due to microphone malfunctions, battery issues and problems with the inner tubing that becomes blocked or damaged. Either way, it’s best to leave the repairs to an audiologist unless you […]

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Top Qualities to Look for in an Audiologist

When you are experiencing changes to your hearing, it is important to seek support to help you go about your life as normal. You shouldn’t just settle for any support. Your ears are sensitive and complex organs, so you want to ensure that you seek support from someone who has the right qualifications, knowledge and […]

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What Happens at a Professional Ear Cleaning?

Ear cleaning is one of those things that people don’t think about until there’s a problem. And even then, it can be tough to know who to go to for help. When exactly do you need to see an audiologist for an ear cleaning? This blog post will discuss what happens during a professional ear […]

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How Often Do You Need a Hearing Exam?

A lot of people don’t think about getting a hearing exam until there’s a problem. But did you know that you should be getting them regularly whether you have any issues or not? Here’s everything you need to know about how often you need a hearing exam and why. How Often Do You Need a […]

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The Top Reasons to Seek Treatment for Hearing Loss

Are you experiencing hearing loss? If so, you are in the same position as millions of Americans across the country. Hearing loss is very common, with one in eight people in the US currently experiencing it. Constant exposure to loud noises is the most frequent reason for early hearing loss in adults. As you get older, […]

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What Can You Expect During a Hearing Test

Hearing tests are of central importance to your ear health and hearing health, and you should have them regularly. But if you are about to go to your first one and you want to know what to expect, then that is certainly something you can find out before you go. Knowing what will happen during […]

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4 Maintenance Tips to Avoid Hearing Aid Repairs

If you have hearing aids, it’s important to take care of them to the best of your ability. Not only will this help to maintain high performance levels, but it will also help to minimize any problems that you could experience with your hearing aids’ day to day use. Regular cleaning and maintenance can significantly […]