a smiling audiologist is showing her patient new hearing aid models

Dos and Don’ts of Picking the Right Hearing Aids

When you see an audiologist for a hearing test, there is a good chance that you will be recommended hearing aids to support your hearing health if a loss is detected. It’s a big decision, and it’s one of the smartest investments that you will ever make for your hearing, but before you decide to […]

two patients selecting new hearing aids

What are the Most Common Hearing Aid Features?

Hearing aid technology is always advancing and modern hearing aids come with more added features. All hearing aids contain the same basic parts, like a microphone, amplifier and a speaker, but there are many added extras that you need to consider when choosing hearing aids. During an appointment with an audiologist, they will discuss the […]

an audiologist showing her patient a selection of new hearing aids

A Guide to Hearing Aid Features

When choosing hearing aids, it is important to consider the different styles available, but you also need to decide which added features are most important to you. Your audiologist will take you through the different types and the relative pros and cons of each, but you should also read this list of hearing aid features […]