Dos and Don’ts of Picking the Right Hearing Aids

a smiling audiologist is showing her patient new hearing aid models

When you see an audiologist for a hearing test, there is a good chance that you will be recommended hearing aids to support your hearing health if a loss is detected. It’s a big decision, and it’s one of the smartest investments that you will ever make for your hearing, but before you decide to go ahead, some considerations must be made. Choosing the right hearing aids isn’t a split-second decision; it’s a conversation with an audiologist that requires you to ask a lot of questions.

Hearing aids could be life-changing for you, and you don’t want to make the wrong decision. To help you make the right decision, consider the following dos and don’ts. 

Hearing aid Dos

  • Always speak with an audiologist before you make any decisions about your hearing aids that you want. You need to know what your current hearing situation is, which requires you to have a hearing test and assess your hearing level to know which hearing aids are best for you.
  • Communicate with your audiologist about your concerns wearing a range of hearing aids, and know that they are there to discuss your current hearing issues and any worries you may have about certain hearing aids.
  • Bring someone with you when you go and have this conversation about hearing aids as it can always help to have a second set of ears to hear about each style. They can also help you to remember any answers to questions that you may have!
  • Ask about care plans and how you can clean your hearing aids effectively. You want to ensure that your hearing aids are right for you but you need to ensure that they are clear of debris and clean at all times without any damage.
  • Ask about what you should expect from your new hearing aids and how they can assist you with your hearing going forward.
  • Always be honest with your audiologist about your hearing and things that you are struggling with, and they will be able to better support you on your hearing journey.

Hearing aid Don’ts

  • You should never make any choices about your hearing aids based on the expense. It should never be a consideration when it comes to your health.
  • Assume your hearing loss is normal and that you wouldn’t need a hearing test: you shouldn’t get any hearing aids without a hearing test by your audiologist. They will be able to talk you through everything to do with your hearing aids.
  • Skip out on insurance or service plans. Hearing aids may need to change over time just like your glasses would, and a service plan ensures that your audiologist is on top of it!
  • Buy any hearing aids from anyone who hasn’t performed a detailed hearing test.
  • Choose hearing aids based on buzz words; select them based on your needs and your features that you are looking for.