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Widex Hearing Aids

For years, Widex has been the sixth-largest hearing aid manufacturer in the world. Their company is the collaboration of two families working together towards a singular goal. Still family-owned to this day, Widex is a respected brand that always delivers big sound.

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Phonak Hearing Products

In 1947, Phonak started its journey to become an important player in the hearing industry. Phonak later became Sonova Holding AG to continue its excellence in service. Every year, Phonak amazes consumers with their superior range of devices and features.

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ReSound Hearing Products

ReSound is a familiar name among consumers and professionals, known for their groundbreaking technology. Their products are long-lasting and easy to use. When buyers want a no-nonsense hearing aid, ReSound is a top choice.

manufacturer signia

Signia Hearing Products

Signia is a tech-savvy hearing aid company that is available worldwide. Formerly known as Siemens, Signia hearing products offers you the customization and personalized experience you want out of your hearing devices.

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Unitron Hearing Aids

Unitron makes great hearing devices for mild-to-severe hearing loss. They are consumer-friendly and provide some of the most affordable choices in the industry. Users that want great hearing aids won’t be disappointed with the Unitron catalog.

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Starkey Hearing Aids

One of the largest catalogs of hearing aids in the world comes from Starkey. Their style varieties and sets of features keeps growing annually. For new and returning wearers, Starkey is a solid long-term choice.

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Oticon Hearing Products

Since 1904, Oticon has been a leader in the hearing technology industry. Their consumer-and professional-grade hearing devices have been top sellers. To rediscover sound, Oticon hearing products are always a good decision.

Live Speech Mapping

Live speech mapping is an innovative technology used to get the best accuracy out of new hearing aids. During the dispensing and fitting, the audiologist can see what the patient hears in real-time. Small adjustments are made using that information to boost the performance of the new hearing device.

Evaluation for Hearing Aids

Audiologists offer a wide range of hearing aid brands, styles and accessories. The evaluation for hearing aids finds the best device for the wearer. This is the best time to ask questions about features, personal usage and what styles are most ideal for you.