What Hobbies Need Hearing Protection?

a man wearing proper ear protection while cutting wood

Having a hobby can be great to have in your life, as a distraction, a stress reliever, and a good thing for physical and mental health. However, there are some hobbies that could pose a risk to your hearing if you do not protect your ears in the right way. Hobbies that involve exposure to loud noises could lead to hearing loss if you don’t think about wearing the right hearing protection. So with that in mind, here are some hobbies that you could enjoy, but that do require hearing protection. 


If you love engines and get a kick out of motorsports, then whether you are a racer, a mechanic, or just a spectator, you will be faced with a lot of noise. The noise that is produced by the majority of cars and bikes in these scenarios can be deafening. So if you are someone who goes to these kinds of races a lot, especially if they last for an hour or more, then you could be causing damage to your hearing. If you attend motorsport events regularly, then make sure that you have some ear defenders or a pair of earplugs, to help to look after yourself. You can still enjoy the event, but not risk damage.


If you are someone who enjoys shooting, whether it is at a shooting range or out shooting clays, it can be a lot of fun. However, guns can make a lot of noise, and as a result, can cause some problems for your hearing. Guns, in an enclosed environment or not, can reach levels of noise of over one-hundred decibels, so if this is something that you do a lot, it could take its toll on your hearing if you’re not protecting yourself. Using ear defenders is really vital for a hobby like this.

Carpentry and DIY

If you like to work around the house and spend your spare time fixing different things, then it is wise to get some hearing protection to use. From power tools to drills, you could expose yourself to some rather loud noises if you are not too careful. If this is something that is done on a regular basis then it will impact your overall hearing. Even as someone who just uses these tools as a hobby, spending a day hammering or drilling can have an impact on your hearing. So it is best to wear earplugs when doing these kinds of jobs, or perhaps even ear defenders when you complete the tasks. Then you can enjoy your hobby, get the DIY done, but still be looking after your hearing. 

If you enjoy one of these hobbies and haven’t been protecting your hearing so far, then it is a good idea to get in contact with an audiologist today, to get advice on hearing protection. We could advise you on the right kind of ear protection for your hobby, as well as help you with some tips to avoid any unnecessary noise-induced loss of hearing.